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Best Golf Club Repair Houston, TX

Master Clubmaker, Master Club Fitter & Master Club Repair Technician in Houston, TX Tim Krumnow has a unique and valuable skill set when it comes to golf instruction and golf equipment. The only Golf Instructor in the world who is also a Master Clubmaker, Master Club Fitter, and Master Club Repair Technician.

Tim Krumnow is the best choice for Custom Golf Clubs, Golf Club Repair, and Golf Club Fitting in Houston. Tim is also a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their total golf game. Offering PGA Recommended Group Based Coaching!

“Having expertise in clubmaking, club fitting, and club repair allows me to tailor golf instruction to each individual's needs and preferences. By taking into account their swing characteristics, physical abilities, and goals, I can customize their equipment to optimize their performance on the course.”

- Tim Krumnow

Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable

Call or text (281) 755-6162

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