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PGA golf coach reviews

Work with a Certified PGA Golf Instructor and take your golf game to the pro level with Tim Krumnow! Tim's knowledge and expertise paired with patience and passion for instruction, will help you


Read what some of Tim's clients are saying about their experience. 


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Nathan Vaughn

“I reached out to Tim after getting frustrated with being unable to translate what I felt was pretty decent fundamentals on the driving range to the course. Tim’s style is exactly what I needed - someone to work with me  out in the ‘real world’, building a pre-shot routine, helping with my aim and alignment and most importantly, how to recover from the inevitable bad shot. He is a real pleasure to work with, extremely available when I have a quick question and I’m looking forward to continueingto improve my game with his support, guidance, encouragement and instruction. Whether you’re brand new at golf, looking for a tuneup or need some help on a specific part of your game, reach out to Tim - you’ll be glad you did!"

John Cregan, PGA Teaching Professional, and Life Member


"I have known/worked with Tim for over 20 years. There is not a more passionate, knowledgeable and personable golf professional out there. The folks in the greater Houston are very lucky to have someone of Tim’s skill level in their area. I now live on the east coast of the US and when I needed a driver fitting last year I hopped on a plane and flew to Houston. Tim was the only professional I would trust to fit me properly. Plus I wanted some great Mexican food! But seriously, if you want to improve your golf game or need to be fit for new equipment, don’t waste your time and money, just go see Tim."

Mauricio Landa Villarreal


 "I have been going with Tim for indoor lessons and I just had my first session on the course and I was extremely surprised with it. Having him next to me on the course helped me reduce 10 to 15 strokes on the front nine by course management. He guided me through driver, long shots and short game and it is definitely very valuable input. I’m looking forward to the remaining 9 sessions. I strongly recommend getting out there with a PGA Pro! Your money will be well invested."



"Quick update! Played 3 over on the front nine! Hit 7 out of nine greens, no three putts. Iron game much more reliable, putter felt like I was going to make everything!!! Back nine played 4 over but was interrupted many time’s due to my cpa and the gas company!! Had two doubles and parred everything thing else! Thanks for everything! George"

Kyle Bromley

"I've been using Tim for golf club repair for several years now. His knowledge and skills are A-1. Would highly recommend him for any club repair!!"

Aaron Archer

"I met Tim while practicing at Memorial Park. We have worked on my game over several lessons and Tim has help me become a more consistent ball striker. We are actively working on my drive and have had some intense lessons to fix that. Huge key that he has helped "Pre Shot Routine"

Mike Priseler

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tim off and on for many years. There has never been a time where Tim couldn't help me with my swing, sometimes correcting major errors, sometimes small ones. And he was effective on all of them. He gave me thoughts and drills to take with me, that continually work. I think Tim is one of the best instructors ever! His knowledge on all things golf is unsurpassed, get fit and learn from a true professional."


Morris Carter

"I signed up for the 6 Pack of lessons and have done three sessions to date with Tim. Right away he diagnosed the problems with my head movement and lower body issues . His lessons have helped tremendously as I’m making much better contact and fewer pulls. Most recently, he made major changes in my driver grip and swing that felt great on the simulator....... can’t wait to try them out on the course.... stand by for shock and awe"

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Leslie Hume

"My husband an experienced golfer and I as a beginner have been extremely impressed with Tim. He is an excellent communicator and focuses on our individual needs. Tim delivers instruction with a personable nature with effective tips and practice drills. We have greatly improved our golf skills with just a few lessons. We highly recommend Tim as an instructor and club fitter."


Eric Self

"I've been working with Tim for a little over a month. Tim has analyzed my putting stroke with the SAM Putting Lab, fit me for a new set of irons, and provided me with two lessons so far. I've been extremely pleased. I've been golfing for approximately 50 years, and I have worked with several coaches over the years. Tim is as good as it gets. He provides excellent feedback and observations as he watches you swing, and he has a very patient way of pushing you down the right path. I highly recommend spending some time with Tim. He's helped my game, and I'm quite confident that he can help you too."


Vincent Young

"Tim is a great instructor to work with because for me he breaks the game down in a simpler way, and provides valuable step by step instructions on how and what I need to work on. After watching me swing a few times, he was able to point out several problems and helped correct those deficiencies with simple drills and thoughts. After a couple lessons with him, I do feel more confident that I can more consistently hit good shots and take on any golf course. I would highly recommend anyone to come see Tim and you should see immediate improvement after your lesson."

Joshua Benac

"Tim has been an incredible help for my golf game, without altering the way I play, his teachings are easy to follow and implement for immediate improvement. During your lesson Tim will work on what you want to improve and areas you decide while making it fun and engaging! Highly recommend booking lessons with Tim."

Scott Makowski

"Best golf instructor I’ve met... awesome short game lessons."

James Maples

"Tim is an excellent I instructor. His knowledge of the swing and putting stroke is up there with the best in the game. He understands the fundamentals of the game from all angles. I would recommend him anytime to someone that wamts to improve."

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