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custom golf clubs

Custom Golf Clubs are highly sought after. Whether it’s for game improvement, or some added flare for a conversation piece, I’m confident you’ll love your new custom clubs. Top notch quality craftsmanship from a Master Clubmaker.


Contact me today to see how I can help fulfill your desired custom golf club needs. Conveniently located in Houston, Texas

how to choose a putter

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Your putter is the most important club in your bag. It needs to work for you. Which means you want to be able to set up and instinctively feel like you can make any putt without over-thinking.


The key is offering a wide range of putter designs. Equipment like running shoes, bicycles and skis offer a wide variety of sizes and designs to improve performance. Fit2Aim uses Chris Aoki Putter Fitting Method to test putter design features that give you the capability to improve putting.


Putter design should give you the follow benefits.

  1. Putter length encourages proper posture and balance for a good putting stroke.  Benefit: Your set-up will be more consistent every time you take your address.

  2. The lie angle is determined so the sole of the putter sits flush with the ball on a level lie.  Benefit: Contact with the sweet spot improves repeatedly and reliably.

  3. Putter design improves the ability to aim the putter face to the hole.  Benefit: The putting stroke path corresponds to aim to improve squareness at impact.

Over-analyzing your address, trying to aim and over-thinking distance control are no longer issues. A custom-fit Fit2Aim putter will make putting feel like you can use your natural coordination and instincts.

Fit2Aim Professionals are experienced teachers and coaches who use Chris Aoki Fitting Method to design a Fit2Aim putter for you. How to choose a putter should be in their hands.

Fit2Aim Putter


Beginners Custom Fitted Club Set

  • Driver

  • Hybrid

  • 6, 8, PW, SW

  • Putter


Beginners custom club
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Leather grips

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Colored Ferrules

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Custom Driver Skin

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Now taking Trade-Ins for any new custom club purchase. Get the best value for your trade-in with the most trusted source PGA Value Guide.

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Why wait? Trade-in those old golf clubs for new, top-of-the-line custom golf clubs.  


Determine your Trade-in value in 5 easy steps. Click the link below to get started!

Once you have determined your value, please contact Tim directly at (281) 755-6162.

Trade-in offers are valid for new custom club purchase only. Not valid with any other offers. Limitations may apply. Please contact Tim directly for details.

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