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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons cost $150 for 45 minutes. This includes 30 minutes of instruction to improve your game and 15 Minutes of a recap and drills for you to train once your lesson is completed. If you choose to purchase a package this will increase your savings. Visit our Lessons page for details and pricing.


Why do I need a Swing Evaluation?

This evaluation helps me understand how I can help your game. I will use data to build a starting block to help improve your game. No matter if you are a beginner or an elite athlete I will map out a plan to execute. 


Will you change my swing extensively?

No. I will encourage you to make the necessary changes but you will have full understanding of what you will need to do to see the goals you are trying to achieve. 


Can we focus on certain areas of my game?

I can work on any area of your game! I usually start with a full game analysis and review fundamentals in all areas. Chipping, putting, pitch, sand play, long game and the mental game are all areas I address. 


How do I review my lesson?

I use V1. I am able to use this powerful app to get a complete analysis of your overall fitness and flexibility to help maximize your golf performance. 

How do you film my swing?

I use V1 to review your swing. V1 offers a comprehensive and powerful video analysis software that has been praised by coaches around the world for its user friendliness. 


Cancellation Policy? 

We understand that things come up unexpectedly. If you do need to cancel please call us to advise your coach so that he or she can accommodate other customers.


Do lessons expire?

Depending on what package you choose will depend on the expiration. We do also offer custom quotes if you lesson package time frame doesn’t meet your needs. 


What is Fit2Aim putting system?

With Fit2Aim putter fitting system I can identify the exact characteristics of a putter someone needs in order to aim the putter correctly so they can start the ball on the intended line with the correct speed. These characteristics include head shape, hosel shape and offset, alignment lines on the putter head, shaft length, swing weight, grip type and size. 


Do you offer Clubfitting?

Yes, I am a certified fitter for Mizuno, TaylorMade, Callaway, Cleveland, Srixon and I also do custom clubs.    I have shafts from every major shaft company to ensure you get the best fit possible. I am a Master Clubfitter.

Do you offer Club Repair?

Yes, I am a Master Club Repair Technician to help with all you repair needs. Some of the repair items I offer are: re-shafting, re-gripping, grinding wedges, stamping wedges, paint refill of club lettering, regroove, remove most nicks and scratches, shorten or lengthen clubs, bending lie angles or loft with digital Mitchell machines.


Do you do special events for companies?

Yes, I would love to host a team building event for your company or an evening with friends. I can offer food and drinks for the event as well as games and instruction. Ask me about the menu options to customize your event to your needs.


Do you sell training aids?

Yes, we have a variety of training aids for sale. We can also order anything we do not carry in stock.


How can I improve my putting?

We offer the Fit2Aim putter fitting system to ensure you can aim your putter.  We also have training aids to help you groove the correct path or help you feel the correct stroke. 


Do you offer golf strength and conditioning?

I have a certified golf strength coach that utilizes golf specific training items. He is also TPI Certified.

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