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Train with the BEst Golf instructor in houston, Texas



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Group Based Coaching


Group Based Coaching is highly recommended by the PGA.

The PGA has been training PGA professional across the world in order to bring attention to this amazing, results driven golf training program. Group Based Coaching is the most efficient golf coaching training method available to the public with guaranteed results. As a PGA Professional Instructor, I can assure you the results of Group Based Coaching are very impressive. 


Playing golf with a PGA Certified Instructor while receiving instruction in a group setting gives you the best opportunity to improve your total golf game while playing in a real environment. Most golf instructors will not play with amateurs but are training them. Can you imagine a football coach not showing up on game day and just letting the players do whatever they want? Coaches need to be there alongside their players to see and coach you while playing the game until you can play without the need for guidance.

I guarantee you’ll reach your scoring goals and get the results you desire based on our mutual agreement of what is possible in a 12 week period (program duration). Further sessions will be offered upon completion of this initial 12 week program if needed or desired. 


If you follow my lead with this phenomenal opportunity and agree to execute our plan outlines, the results are guaranteed. If for some reason you are not able to reach your goals during this time period, I will continue working with you on the areas that you need to work on in order to achieve your goals at no additional charge until you achieve your scoring goal that we mutually agreed upon.


Proven Results

I have already had over 30 students sign up for Group Based Coaching and all have achieved their scoring goals by improving their average score by at least 10 shots.


Group Based Coaching Strategy 

  • 10 on course 9 hole coaching sessions in a 12 week period (time allowed for missed weeks)
  • You may continue to play the remaining 9 holes each week if you choose at no extra charge

  • There will be 3 students in each session so you get used to playing in a group and the pressure that goes along with it.

  • You can get 1 or 2 other friends to do this program with you or I will assign you to a group.

  • Each session is 3 hours: 1 hour of warm up with swing correction if needed and 2 hours of on course coaching (or 1 hour one-on-one off course instruction if needed).



The price for this program is $1,500 per student. It breaks down to be $50 per hour which is less than ½ of my normal $150 hourly rate in a single one on one lesson so a much better value.

Pay in full or pay 3 monthly payments of $500.



  • Allows you to practice and learn in a group setting to simulate how you play with your friends or in tournaments
  • You will learn to play from different lies and slopes we don’t get to hit from on the range

  • Learn to play golf instead of golf swing

  • Allows me to see errors you make while playing instead of what I see when your on the range

  • I will help teach you the rules of golf and how to save strokes based on what the rules allow

  • Learn how to judge wind and temperature and the effects they have on how far you hit your clubs

  • Learn and commit to a pre-shot routine and the repeatability of the timing of your routine which allows you to block out distractions and makes your shots consistent

  • Learn to play within your current skillset to maximize your scoring ability

  • Learn how to prepare for your round or tournament

  • Learn how to practice properly and to focus your practice time on the areas you need to focus on

  • Learn goal setting and how to achieve them

  • Learn to keep stats on each area of you game so you know where you need to improve

  • Get comfortable playing with new people and meet/make new friends or playing partners

  • Learn different playing formats

  • We will create a yardage chart for all your clubs with my Trackman launch monitor for you to use while playing

  • All individual lessons will now be with my new Trackman launch monitor so you can see the improvements from where you began, each session will be emailed to you with video

  • Play with a professional every week and learn how to play and score

  • Results are guaranteed!

Learn to play golf like a pro from a top PGA Certified expert in golf instruction.

For the same price as a round of golf, you can play with a professional every week for 12 weeks!

Optimize YOUR game and SCORE.

Total Cost of 12 Week Group Based Program is $1,500


Green Fee $65.00

Range Fee $7.00

Cart Fee $15.00

$87.00 in Added Value!

Choose how you want tp pay. Once you complete the selection, Tim will reach out to schedule availability.

  • Group Based Coaching

    Every month
    Monthly payment plan for 12 week program.
    Valid for 3 months

Group Based Coaching / Junior


Beginner Golf Plan

Learn to Play Golf Beginners Lesson Package for 1 on 1 or play with others.

This package has everything you need to learn to play golf like a pro from a top PGA Certified expert in golf instruction. I can accept up to 4 participants at one time.

Whether you've tried other instruction in the past, have never swung a golf club, or anything in between, Tim Krumnow can help you experience what golf is all about and have fun doing it!

  • 5 Full Swing Lessons

  • 5 Short Game Lessons

  • Putting

  • Chipping

  • Pitching

  • Sand or Bunkers

  • Rules and Etiquette of the Game

  • Golf Coach App for Video and Swing Notes


1 participant


Bring a friend and pay $600 per participant


1 Hour Golf Lesson

One on one private 1 hour golf lesson.


Playing Lesson

9 holes


Wedge Fitting & Lesson

+ cost of shafts and grips if changed

I will check your wedges for proper bounce, length, lie angle, grip size, shaft flex and shaft type and adjust as needed. This is a 2 hour session to make sure we cover how to utilize the clubs for different shots inside 60 yards.


Short Game Analysis

Focused practice on shots inside 60 yards is the fastest way to lower your handicap. Using a Tour proven short game testing method, I analyze your putting, chipping, pitching and sand play. I then create a custom improvement plan based on your areas that need improvement. Typically 2 hour session.


Swing Improvement

6) One Hour Sessions (Value $1,240)

This is the best way to improve the mechanics of your golf swing quickly. The program starts with a club fitting, followed by six individual 1 hour lessons covering: setup, the start of the backswing, at the top, the transition, impact, follow through and finish. A supervised practice session follows each lesson. Then use the distance caddy and go for a 9-hole playing lesson.

  • (6) One Hour lessons

  • Supervised practices

  • Iron fitting

  • Distance caddy

  • 9 hole playing lesson

  • Golf Coach App


Game Improvement

(10) 45 min lessons ($2,340 Value)

This package includes the Swing Improvement program, short game analysis and putter fitting. If you are totally committed to improving this is for you. If you are committed, and I will commit to you by giving you an upgraded package that includes an 18-hole playing lesson and 10 individual one hour lessons.

  • (10) One Hour Lessons

  • Supervised practices

  • Iron fitting

  • Putter fitting

  • Short game analysis

  • Distance caddy

  • 18 hole playing lesson

  • Golf Coach App


Tour Package

(50) One hour lessons ($8,140 Value) *Payment Plans Available*

Yearly package allows you to experience instruction, practice and playing like a Tour Pro. Weekly lessons with supervised practice, just like being a Tour Professional. Includes complete bag fitting, distance caddy, short game analysis and playing lesson. (Limited to 20 students per year)

  • (50) One Hour Lessons

  • Supervised practices

  • Driver fitting

  • Iron fitting

  • Wedge fitting

  • Putter fitting

  • Short game analysis

  • Distance caddy

  • 18 hole playing lesson

  • Golf Coach App


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