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Why is putting difficult?

3 Key Skills to Practice

Putting on greens is widely regarded as the most critical aspect of the game of golf; however, it is also widely overlooked by most golfers. Despite its seemingly straightforward nature, it is a skill that poses significant challenges to even the most seasoned golfers. The intricacies of putting lie in the mastery of three essential skills: Start line, Speed control, and Green Reading. 


ONE - Start Line

First and foremost, the start line sets the foundation for a successful putt. Ensuring the ball begins its journey on the intended line is no easy task. Minor deviations in face angle, stroke path and face strike location can lead to a missed start line. Start by getting a fitted putter you can aim. This will lead to getting the ball started online more often. 


TWO - Speed Control

If you can master start line you must also then master the delicate art of speed control. Green speeds will vary from course to course, making it imperative to adapt quickly. Controlling the ball's velocity to match the green's speed is a challenge in itself. Misjudging the required force can result in a putt coming up short or traveling too far past the hole. Achieving optimal speed control demands great technique, finesse and touch.


THREE - Green Reading

Equally important is the skill of green reading. Each green possesses its own unique characteristics, including uphill, downhill, and side slopes, different gradients of slope, and subtle breaks. Deciphering these intricacies and accurately predicting the ball's path is essential to sinking putts. Green reading requires a keen eye, experience, and the ability to analyze the nuances of the surface using either your eyes or feet to feel the amount of slope. 

You must take into account the green speed, the influence of surrounding elements including weather conditions such as wind which will have an effect on the ball and any potential subtle slopes that could affect the roll of the ball. Mastering green reading allows you to make the necessary adjustments to your start line and speed control, enhancing your chances of sinking putts.

In conclusion, putting on greens is a formidable challenge that tests you in multiple dimensions. With one degree of error at 10ft we can miss the hole. With more than 5% speed error on many putts, the speed can be mismatched.


The mastery of start line, speed control, and green reading form the foundation of successful putting. 

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