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How to Release the golf club to cure a slice


The release of the club has many components to it. In this article, I'll go over how to release the golf club to cure a slice.


As an experienced PGA golf instructor, one of the many details I pay close attention to is when the club lines up with the lead forearm.


This can happen earlier (as in the left pic), or later (as in the right).

In the amateur (left), we see this line-up point occur as the clubhead is 1.5-2ft before striking the ball.

Whereas, in the pro (McIlroy - right), this line-up point occurs just after impact.


clubhead line-up point amateur vs pro golfer

This is such a high indicator of the level of a golfer, that you can almost tell their handicap by where this point occurs.

clubhead line-up point

Pro-level (green) players almost always reaching this line-up point between impact and where the hands are opposite the left thigh....


Scratch/low single figures lining up just pre-impact (yellow)


10 plus handicaps lining up around the right thigh (orange)


And super high handicaps lining up even earlier (red).


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