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Golf Performance Training with Tim Krumnow,

Best PGA Certified Golf Instructor

in Houston, TX

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“If you want to learn to score like a tour professional, you need to work on the short game. 60% of golf is your short game.” - Tim Krumnow, PGA

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Most golf professionals won't play golf with amateurs. That's not the case with Tim Krumnow's Group Based Coaching Program


PGA Professional Instructor, Tim Krumnow has implemented strategic golf coaching that is highly recommended by the PGA.


No matter what level you are at, Beginner, Casual Golfer, Regular Player, Club Champion, College Player or Tour Player, Tim Krumnow is dedicated to your golf training so you can achieve total game improvement. 

get results!

PGA Highly RECOMMENDs GROUP BASED COACHING to improve your golf game!

The PGA has traveled all over the world introducing and training PGA Professionals to implement this highly recommended Group Based Coaching program. Training and playing on course golf with a PGA Professional produces phenomenal results that far surpass any one on one lesson. Group Based Coaching trains you in the environment you actually play, not just swinging a club. By learning and practicing in a group setting, it simulates the environment and how you play with your friends or in tournaments. Group Base Coaching requires 3 students in each session so you not only get used to playing in a group but also the pressure that goes along with it and how to stay focussed. 

Learn more about Group Based Coaching.

Play Golf With A PGA Professional Discover total game improvement from tee to green.

Train with the Best Golf Instructor in Houston, TX

Tim has worked with all levels of golf professionals, from junior golfers, beginners to expert-level pro players. Here are just a few of the people Tim has helped to improve their total golf game:


  • Wes Patterson – World Long Drive Tour

  • Bill Gaffney – Canadian Tour

  • Vic Wilk – Champions Tour

  • Juan Gutierrez – Tight Lies Tour

  • Niko Mabry – Tight Lies Tour

  • Valentine Argentina – South American Tour

Tim can improve your golf game from tee to green!

Looking for more reasons to choose Tim Krumnow Golf Academy for Golf Lessons in Houston, TX? Check out Tim Krumnow’s reviews as a Certified PGA Golf Instructor. 


"Tim has been an incredible help for my golf game, without altering the way I play, his teachings are easy to follow and implement for immediate improvement..." - J. Benac

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Team building events

“ Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” - Arnold Palmer


In order to maximize my ability to help all aspects of your golf game, I have become the only golf instructor in the world that is also a Master Clubmaker, Master Club Fitter & Master Club Repair Technician in Houston, TX! 30 Years of Expert Experience to Help You Improve All Areas of Your Golf Game.

  • Specialize in short game instruction

  • Certified Fit-2-Aim Putter Master Fitter

  • Instruct Dave Pelz & Stan Utley Short Game Methods 

  • Authorized Stack and Tilt instructor

  • Certified Plain Truth instructor

"Best golf instructor I’ve met... awesome short game lessons." - S Makowski

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