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Tim Krumnow Virtual Golf Coach

All you want to do is get ONE moment of relaxation during the rough times of 2020. 

This year has been a struggle for us all, but at least the sun is constantly beaming, and the weather is pleasantly warm enough to where the heat is simmering even throughout September. All you can think about is getting out of the house and onto the golf course after spending the last six months in isolation. After all, you deserve it, right? 

Now, this doesn’t mean to ‘go paint the town red and forget all about social distancing rules’… This means that you just have to find a way to do what your heart desires, at a small social-distancing price, so that we can all stay healthy and get back to ‘normal’ as soon as possible. 

What better way to relax than to work on your golfing skills? 

Tim Krumnow is a Certified PGA Golf Instructor in Houston, Texas, eagerly waiting to ultimately improve your golf game through his offered online golf lessons! 

Tim Krumnow has been teaching beginners and professionals useful golfing skills through the Golf Coach App pre-quarantine, so his virtual golf lessons are made simple, affordable, and ultimately, valuable to your overall golfing game.

Let us humor you with the question of, “Are online golf lessons just as advantageous as live one-on-one golf lessons?”

Online Golf Lessons 

The experience may be unfamiliar to you, but an accumulating number of younger golfers have been herding to online apps to get inexpensive, valuable golfing feedback that they can’t extract from finicky YouTube and Instagram videos. 

More experienced golfers are rather technologically reserved and familiar with breaking a sweat out on the course, so why would they want to learn the ropes solely through their fingertips? 

Switching from live lessons to Tim Krumnow’s online golf lessons will not only will you save a drastic amount of money, but it’ll save you time by being able to regularly access his golfing knowledge. 

Many individuals that have the disposable income to seek top-notch golf lessons believe that one, sole lesson with one big-time golfing name will instantly transform their golfing abilities for the better. While your instructor may be a great golf professional, his skills are only so useful if you’re regularly getting feedback from him. Otherwise, how else would you improve your overall golf game? 

Even the most expensive instructional golfing app out there is more affordable compared to an in-person golf session! Tim Krumnow offers his golf lessons online through the Golf Coach App, which is simple and affordable to use! 

Whether you’re looking to get golf lessons online for a one-time fee or an ongoing one, three, or six-month package, Tim Krumnow guarantees that the Golf Coach App combined with his golfing wisdom will ultimately improve your golf game and change the way that you learn forever!

Golf Coach App

No more wasting your time practicing the wrong skills between your in-person golf lessons! 

Golf Coach App is available for you to improve your game from your mobile device anytime, anywhere!

Combining Tim Krumnow’s golfing knowledge with the sophisticated, innovative technology via Golf Coach App is the most convenient and effective technique to work together towards total golf game improvement. 

Golf Coach App offers the technology of static video and live video for all golfers to achieve their golfing goals and results, plus more!

· Record your golf swing with shot information and review your own swing

· Send your Coach videos

· Update your goals 

· Establish a plan to achieve your goals

· Chat with your Coach (text, voice note, documents, videos)

· Add family members or friends to the conversation

· Deliver results with clear and concise data through videos, articles, coaching drills, practice, masterclasses, movement and more for overall golf performance development

Tim Krumnow will tailor your online golf training to maximize your full golfing potential and help you reach your goals. 

Golf Coach App provides:

· Accessibility

· Convenience 

· Affordability 

You’re able to access your golf coach ANY and EVERY time you think of golf! Don’t wait around until you have to see him for your next golf lesson. Instead, keep Coach Tim Krumnow updated on what’s happening with your golf game whether you’re on the driving range, putting green or golf course. Send videos of your golf swing, putting stroke, and overall golfing practices and routines to Coach Krumnow, and he will give you the feedback that’ll transform you into a successful golfer.

The online golf process is simple, affordable and convenient! To learn more, visit our website

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