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Geometrically Oriented Linear Force

Geometrically Oriented Linear Force

Principles are simple – their applications get complicated.

The Principle of Golf is the “Line of Compression.”

The Mechanics of Golf is the production and manipulation of the “Line of Compression.”

The Secret of Golf is sustaining the “Line of Compression.”

Precision is recognizing and reconciling minute differentiations.

A precision Golf Stroke includes three Basic Essentials and three Basic Imperatives:

A. The Three Basic Essentials are:

1. A stationary head

2. Balance

3. Rhythm

B. The Three Basic Imperatives are:

1. A “Flat” Left Wrist

2. A Clubhead Lag Pressure Point

3. A straight Plane Line

Every component of an efficient and dependable Golf Stroke has a proper relationship to every other component and that relationship is geometrical. Proper Golf Instruction is simply showing the student how they are applied. The Three Imperatives and Essentials operate to correct faulty procedures. So, if they seem elusive, it is invariably because you are trying to execute them while you hit the ball – in your accustomed manner. That must all be reversed. Learn to do those things even if you miss the ball – until you no longer miss it.

There is no successful alternative!

Source: The Golfing Machine by Homer Kelley Homer Kelley

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