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Ben Hogan's 1945 stock yardages

Ben Hogans 1945 stock yardages. This is when a pitching wedge was 52*.

In 1997 a pitching wedge changed to 48* or 4 degrees less loft so the consumer thought they were hitting the ball further due to the clubs being was just a change in loft!

Now, there are Pitching wedges are as strong as 39*!! In Hogans day that was a 7 iron. You still need clubs with lofts that cover those yardages. So that means if your pitching wedge is 40* then you still need to buy and use a 40*, 44*, 48* and 52* wedges to cover those yardage gaps. Otherwise you will have a 56* sand wedge (typical loft) that goes about 100 yards on a full swing and a Pitching wedge that goes 150.....a 50 yard gap between 2 scoring clubs.....ridiculous!

Club manufacturers have simply found a way to force you to buy more clubs. Who cares what the lofts of your clubs are, you still need a club for every 10-15 yards of distance. I love what the new Hogan company did, they only label their clubs with the loft of that iron. Terry Koehler the Hogan company owner and CEO is a genius! He did the same thing with his Score line of clubs. That's the way it should be done so you are not forced to buy extra clubs that you cant hit very well because the new 5 iron is Ben Hogans 1 iron.

As Lee Trevino once said, "even God can't hit a 1 iron"!!

Hope this helps everyone realize what club manufacturers are doing to fool you into thinking you hit their clubs longer.

See a PGA Professional to get your clubs fit correctly and ethically. Too many non PGA Professionals are out there just to sell you very expensive clubs to make you think you are hitting the ball further. It's just the loft....don't be fooled.


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