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Loft and Lie Angles

We take our Loft and Lie angles very seriously. As Master Club Builders, the loft and lie angles on your irons are the most important part of the build.

If the Lofts are Wrong on your Irons:

  • Distances will be inconsistent and there won’t be the correct gaps between the different irons.

  • Distance can be affected if the lofts are not set to suit you (and your strike) with too much height or spin or not enough spin and flight.

  • If the loft is out even just 2 degrees it can affect the distance by 6-8 yards.

If the Lie Angle is Wrong or not Matched for each Club within the Set:

  • The lie angle is like the steering wheel of the club.

  • If the lie is not set to suit you and your height/strike to ball can’t fly straight.

  • Check your divot and if it’s not square and uniformed then your lies could be wrong.

  • The sole of the club has to be flat on the ground at impact in order for the club face to be square to the target.

Off the Rack and Standard Irons:

  • Clubs off the rack (in fact most sets that aren’t hand built and calibrated) have loft and lie manufacturing tolerances.

  • The large companies do not check or calibrate sets leaving the factory.

  • Most companies operate within a 2 degree tolerance.

  • With only 4 degrees between each club in loft and only 1 or 1/2 a degree between each clubs lie angles, you could end up with half the set essentially being the same club.

  • If you have 2 or 3 clubs in the bag going the same distance then its likely that they are the same loft.

At Tim Krumnow Golf Academy: We go to great lengths when building our sets of irons and use some of the worlds leading technology for accurately measuring and adjusting the loft and lie of our irons and wedges.

  • Our Loft & Lie machine is accurate to +\- .25 of a degree.

  • Once we test each club, we bend the head to have exactly 4 degrees between each loft and 1 degree between each lie.

  • This means our clubs strike truer and as they are perfectly matched for loft, they are more consistent for distance.

Contact me today at 281-755-6162 to book!

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