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How to Increase Your Distance in Golf

If you’re like most golfers out there, you’re constantly thinking of ways to increase distance, consistency and efficiency around the greens. This article will address distance. and three simple steps to increase your distance game.

Follow These Three Simple Steps to Increase Your Distance

1. Increase Your Core Strength and Start Foam Rolling

A strong core will stabilize your body throughout your whole swing, support your lower back, and help transfer energy efficiently through your swing. Try plank exercises to stabilize your core and foam rolling your hip flexors. Unloading into impact is a very powerful movement and having tight hip flexors reduces the ability to stabilize your core as a power source.

2. Fix your Grip

Changing your grip is always an uncomfortable change for golfers. Your grip is something that will help you to move with more speed, thus increasing distance. Often people change their grip to bandage a fade or a slice but having an effective grip will help you make a swing that can be versatile depending on the shot you’re playing. No matter if your interlock, overlap or baseball grip, there is one characteristic that remains—the “V” between your thumb and pointer finger, which should always point at your right shoulder (right handed) and the opposite for a left hander for both hands. See the grip pictures of how to grip your club.

3. Have the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment will support you in trying to increase your swing speed and maximize distance. Club length, lie angle, shaft weight, flex and torque all play a factor in your ball finding the sweet spot. If your main goal is to increase your distance, I suggest getting fit for the correct clubs. If you go to the right club fitter, most of the time they will do everything they can to keep you in your clubs by adjusting length, loft and lie if the shafts are adequate. As golfers we are always trying to make the game easier and having properly fit clubs is by far one of the most important characteristics. Not only will this help you shave shots on your game, but you will most likely increase distance with your new clubs.

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